Latin America and the Global History of Knowledge Seminar Series

The Permanent Seminar on Latin America and the Global History of Knowledge (LAGLOBAL) is a global academic forum for advanced research on the contributions of Latin America to the global history of knowledge. Exciting new research confirms the key place of the region in the historical production of global knowledge, but this research remains marginal to UK academic debates and public understandings. LAGLOBAL aims to facilitate knowledge exchange by providing a venue for the dissemination of new work in such fields as the history of natural history, expeditions, cartography, medicine, historiography, anthropology, archaeology, statecraft, theory or philosophy, and related practices. Our purpose is to widen the horizons of the history and future of knowledge. 

As the only such permanent seminar in the UK and Europe, the LAGLOBAL Seminar seeks to provide

  • a cosmopolitan outlet for UK- and Europe-based scholars working on Latin America and the history of knowledge, and
  • a welcoming home in London for Latin American researchers from the Americas and around the globe. 

Scholars at all levels wishing to present their work to the seminar are invited to contact the convenors.  All are welcome to participate in the regular meetings of the seminar at ILAS in London.

Convenors: Dr Mark Thurner, Chair (ILAS,  SAS), Professor Linda Newson (ILAS, SAS)

This seminar series has been discontinued as of October 2020.