Caribbean Regional Seminar Series

ILAS is the institutional home of the Centre for Integrated Caribbean Research (CICR) at the School of Advanced Study. Unique in the UK and Europe, the Centre for Integrated Caribbean Research supports collaborative research among scholars in the Humanities and cognate Social Sciences, focusing on interdisciplinary and comparative work across historical, political, cultural and linguistic boundaries in the Caribbean region. The Centre seeks to promote research into the Caribbean as an integrated unit, leading to new research agendas for scholars in the field.

The CICR's Caribbean Regional Studies Seminar is an academic forum for advanced interdisciplinary, comparative, and integrated research on the entire Caribbean region, which includes the Dutch, French, English and Spanish cultural spheres. The scope of the seminar extends from the Humanities to the cognate Social Sciences in addition to Law.

The Centre and the Seminar seek to promote research and debate that connects cutting-edge, transnational and multi-disciplinary Caribbean and Area Studies scholarship with global issues and broad theoretical questions of significance to the wider academic community and non-scholarly public.

All are welcome to participate in the regular meetings in London.

Scholars at all stages of their career wishing to present their work to the Seminar are invited to contact the convener.

Convenor: William Tantam

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