Andean Studies Seminar

The Andean Studies Seminar is a global academic forum for advanced interdisciplinary research on the past, present, and future of the Andean region of South America, broadly defined to include the territories of present-day Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile. Unlike, for example, the Andean Studies Institute in Berkeley founded in the 1960s, and in tune with more recent developments in this dynamic field, we are not strictly interested only in “native” Andean peoples. Instead, the Seminar seeks to promote interdisciplinary research and debate that connects cutting-edge, transnational Andean and Area Studies scholarship with global issues and theoretical questions of significance to the wider academic community and public.

As the only such permanent seminar in the UK and Europe, the Andean Studies Seminar seeks both to provide (1) a cosmopolitan outlet for UK- and Europe-based scholars working on the Andean region, and (2) a welcoming home in London for Andean researchers from the Americas and around the globe. Scholars at all levels wishing to present their work to the seminar are invited to contact the convenors.  All are welcome to participate in the regular meetings of the seminar in London.

Convenors: Dr Mark Thurner, Chair (ILAS, SAS); Professor Emeritus Tristan Platt (St Andrews); Professor Rebecca Earle (Warwick); Dr Paulo Drinot (UCL); Dr Bill Sillar (UCL).

This seminar series has been discontinued as of October 2020.